An economically resilient

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Lancaster County by 2030

An economically resilient carbon neutral

Lancaster can be a Climate Leader

The world needs examples of rural and urban communities working together for meaningful climate action. We believe this work not only prepares Lancaster for a changing climate, but is the foundation for a resilient economy. The same work can improve lives and the environment – that’s regeneration.

What we’re doing

GHG Analysis

Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory

A comprehensive community-wide greenhouse gas inventory benchmarks where we are as a County, revealing the most significant sources of climate-warming gasses. With support from the City of Lancaster’s Department of Community Planning and Economic Development, Regenerate Lancaster is developing an inventory for the County categorizing emissions by sector and geography.


Drawdown Analysis

Serving as a complement to the community-wide greenhouse gas inventory, Regenerate Lancaster is developing localized solutions for reversing climate change. Inspired by the Project Drawdown framework, Drawdown Lancaster will outline options for Lancaster County to reach carbon neutrality. The analysis will include the economic impact of this work creating a roadmap for policy-based solutions, individual action, and community engagement. 

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We are creating portals of engagement and information for all sectors of the Lancaster Community to participate in individual or collective actions to create an economically resilient and carbon neutral Lancaster County by 2030!

How to Get Involved


Explore Regeneration

Lancaster is home to many individuals, organizations, and businesses already involved in climate initiatives.  We will be telling the stories of these regenerative pioneers to inspire you with ideas for how you can help regenerate Lancaster. Have ideas for who we should be talking with?


Take Action

We have the collective power to reverse climate change. We’re compiling all the ways people are taking action here in Lancaster. How are you working to reverse climate change? What are the ways you see people getting to work here in Lancaster?

Carbon Neutral2

Become Carbon Neutral

You can be carbon neutral today! Whether you’re a household or an organization, we’ll help you analyze your current emissions, develop a climate action plan to reduce emissions over time, and purchase offsets that will fund more climate projects here in Lancaster. Interested?

Connect with us!

Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing more information for how you can help Lancaster reach carbon neutrality. We’d love to hear your ideas, and look forward to collaborating!